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HEALTH ALERT: How a trip to the bathroom could save your life

Doctors say urine holds a number of clues about your health. Doctors say urine holds a number of clues about your health.

It's a part of your daily life and it says more about you than you would imagine.

We're talking about your urine.

Doctors say that urine holds a number of clues about your health including possible life saving clues.

People with Type I diabetes like Katie Kim know the importance of urine color all too well.
"If it's saturated with yellow or orange my blood sugars are either high or low. So I would need to rehydrate or take insulin," says Kim.

While Kim "has" to be extra attentive, it seems many others know to at least check out what comes out.
When asked what to look for Janet Vlainic says "Just the color."

Another person we spoke to agrees that the color is important but didn't know why.

"I don't want it to be too yellow," says James Tarrant.

Experts say pale yellow urine is a sign of good hydration while dark yellow is a sign your body needs water.

Cleveland Clinic urologist, Dr. Daniel Shoskes states that there could be some urgency in what is revealed by urine.

"Since urine is the very personal body fluid it comes filtered through the kidneys. Things are added, things are removed.  It can reflect the functioning of a number of different systems," says Dr. Shoskes, a Cleveland Clinic urologist.
Apparently there are as many urine colors as there are juice colors but some indicate a serious problem:


Could come from something as simple as what you ate lately or could be a sign of infection like urinary tract. 

Dark colors like black or brown-

Could be caused by medication

Could indicate an issue with the liver or kidneys or could be a sign of skin cancer

Red or pink-

Could come from binging on beets or anything else very red

Red urine could mean blood is present, which might be a sign of a potentially serious problem including cancer.

"While the majority of people will find that in the end it's not a serious cause, catching some of these serious causes early can be life-saving," says Dr. Shoskes.

Experts warn that while many would think clear urine is an indication you are properly hydrated, it may be a sign of diabetes.

While an odd color may be caused by something you had to eat, if it appears for any length of time, it is stressed that you visit your doctor and give a urine sample.

Taking the time to give a quick urine sample may reveal information that could affect the quality or length of your life.

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