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LP&L employee files grievance against CEO


An LP&L employee is filing a grievance against the utility's CEO Gary Zheng and one other person for retaliation.

This, after he says he was put on paid administrative leave for trying to meet with City Manager James Loomis.

The employee, Kyle Sparks, tells us he was told by upper level management at LP&L that there was an HR investigation into him following his meeting with Loomis.

According to an email obtained by KCBD through an open records request last week, Sparks' accused Gary Zheng of passing along sensitive information.

Spark's wrote to City Manager James Loomis:

"Mr. Loomis, I would very much like to meet with you today if you can make the time. I have reached the end of my capacity to professionally and ethically perform duties as assigned. I have been 'blacklisted' in my organization, lied to by my director, let down by my board, and told by HR that the grievance process will not aid me any further. Furthermore I am about to enter into my 8th month as an interim manager with no visible hope of securing that position permanently.

"Over the last two weeks I have put together my director's vision for the future of LP&L and it is a future I and others would very much disagree with. The Sharyland presentation during this week's EUB meeting made it extremely clear what our director wants to do by 2019. I have proof that he has passed along sensitive planning information to Sharyland that they should have never gotten their hands on. I am now being told to plan future construction that will achieve Gary's vision."

Sparks says he was then asked to resign.

His lawyers, Ted Liggett and Dustin Burrows say Kyle has done nothing wrong.

"We simply want to protect Kyle's rights, we don't want him to be caught up in the controversy and turmoil that's going on between these two respective bodies," said Liggett. "Kyle has only one desire and that is to go back to work and frankly to have some things explained to him because he certainly feels like he's done nothing wrong but he's not seeking compensation, he' not asking for money and we haven't filed any type of lawsuit we're simply helping him get through the grievance process."

He first joined LP&L in 1999 as an intern.

His lawyers say they trust the city's grievance process will work and that all Sparks wants to do is go back to work and do his job.

LP&L released this statement on Tuesday afternoon:

"Any LP&L employee has the right to file a grievance. There is a clearly defined process that is followed in the event of a grievance being filed in order to ensure fair and equal treatment of all employees. As a matter of stated policy, LP&L does not comment on any individual grievance so as to maintain the integrity of the process."

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