VIDEO: Officer uses taser, kicks, punches man during crash investigation

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Police say they are reviewing video of a traffic accident investigation in Baton Rouge that quickly got out of control.

According to a police report, a Baton Rouge officer was sent to Airline Highway on May 7 for a wreck involving three cars.

Police say Shawn Shoemaker, 35, caused the crash. He allegedly sped through a red light on South Choctaw and collided with two other cars.

A driver, who was passing by, saw the officer working the traffic stop and recorded the incident.

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In the video, you can see a Baton Rouge policeman on the left exchanging words with a man on the right, believed to be Shoemaker. The officer then pulls out a Taser and uses it on the man. It knocks the man back but he does not fall. The officer then kicks the man in his back.

In the written report, the officer says when he tried to get Shoemaker to his police unit, the man told him, "Get the (expletive) away from me." The officer reported Shoemaker then came at him with closed fists. The officer says he used his Taser, " which time it did not create the desired effect on the defendant...", so a second cartridge was used, bringing Shoemaker to his knees.

Another look at the video shows, following the kick, the officer throws a punch and Shoemaker goes down. The tape then shows a group of men, possibly witnesses, walking up and surrounding Shoemaker. One of them puts a knee in Shoemaker's back.

The report by police says Shoemaker tried to get back up, but after several verbal commands another BRPD officer assisted the first officer in getting Shoemaker to the ground. At that point, they say Shoemaker tried to grab the Taser and pull it out of the officer's hands.

There is no mention in the police report of the crowd of men and their actions.

One of the last things you see in the video, is one of the men kicking Shoemaker twice.

Shoemaker was arrested and charged with Vehicular Negligent Injuring, Interfering with a Law Enforcement Investigation, Resisting Arrest and Attempted Disarmament of a Police Officer.

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