SB 669: latest effort to kill controversial Common Core education plan

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - In the latest effort to kill the controversial Common Core educational plan, Slidell republican senator A.G. Crowe brought forth Senate Bill 669; his plan for replacing Common Core.

"We needed to start over with a Louisiana based higher standards initiative which is going to be discussed in this bill establishing the education excellence for Louisiana initiative," Crowe testified.

Steven Cole has a daughter in the inner city schools in New Orleans and he testified against Crowe's bill and in support of Common Core.

"She's doing things that I didn't think that she would be able to do because she's only six and she's reading on a 3rd grade level and I think that's wonderful.

Cole credit's his daughter's school implementation of Common Core over the past four years as part of her advancement. He took the day off work and drove up from New Orleans to speak his mind.

"I feel like as a parent I need to be heard I need them to know there are other parents like me that actually care that's willing to take the time out of my today to make sure they know that we care," says Cole.

Crowe's bill was shot down 6-1 in committee after hours of testimony. The council for a better Louisiana's Barry Erwin believes efforts to repeal Common Core, while hotly debated, weren't going anywhere despite Governor Jindal's flip flop and rejection of the plan.

"I think what happened is you saw some earlier bills that seemingly some momentum to get rid of common core and I think the air got let out of those tires on the house side. This is the first hoorah, the put on a big show, but I think the legislature doesn't have the appetite to make that big of a change," says Erwin.

It's also yet another win for Common Core's most ardent supporter--Education Superintendent John White--who has publicly clashed with his boss--Governor Jindal--over the educational initiative.

"I think they are very educated about the higher expectations we now have in our school system. I appreciate the support they have expressed in this initiative. We're moving ahead we've done this for four years another year for full implementation. Our teachers are moving ahead," says White.

So it appears common core has survived the 2014 legislative session.

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