Spring is here and that means lots of insects

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Jeann'e Richard was on the edge of her seat at her new home this weekend. After meeting her new friends Cicadas, insects that have been nesting underground for some time. She pointed out the mess they left of dead shed skin. But, the well known Cicadas have a lot of company this Spring.

LSU Entomologist Tim Showalter says there are several insects that will spring upon us, including the different species of caterpillars. Like the ones most people know about which is the Stinging Caterpillar.

"These spines that can inject venom if people step on them or contact them with the back of your hand," said Showalter.

He also said Baton Rouge will see swarms of termites flying around homes. He said that's not a cause for concern unless there are wet areas around the house. He also adds termites are attracted to light and residents should inspect their homes after any swarm.

"They will be flying in coming into lights. If people want to avoid that they can turn off their lights now through probably the  end of the month," said Showalter.

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