Common Core supporters score victory

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Backers of the Louisiana Education initiative known as Common Core have scored a victory at the Capitol. The House Appropriations Committee killed a bill by Rep. Brett Geymann R-Lake Charles that would have forced standardized testing contracts to go before the legislative Joint Budget Committee for approval. The bill is clearly aimed at Common Core.

Educators say they have been working on Common Core for the past three years and it's too late to change back now. Common Core goes into full effect next school year.

"Teachers will be coming back to school not even knowing how they are going to be assessed and their kids are going to be assessed," testified Education Secretary John White. "And I'm not just talking about the PARRC test. I'm talking about multiple tests across multiple school systems. That's the implications of this bill. A set of tests that every teacher in the state is going home this week, believing that next year their kids will be assessed on and by the way that just doesn't impact their kids. It impacts their jobs."

"If the Joint Legislative Committee refuses to approve the contract then where does that leave the school districts and students?" asked Rep. Walt Leger D-New Orleans. "Well according to the Department of Education we'll be in total chaos," replied Rep. Brett Geymann "We'll be ok, we'll be ok, we'll be ok."

During his close, a frustrated Geymann pleads with the panel. "Let's just keep on the path that we are on whether it's a good path or not. I mean that's typical government. Let's just keep on doing what we're doing and expect a different result. There are other assessments out there and by the way were entering the one that has the least number of people in it," says Geymann.

The bill failed 12-10.

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