Election Day- May 3, 2014

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Here are some of the election results in the area.

Central's city council has now filled it's final empty seat after a run0off between Republicans Jason Ellis and Ralph Washington.  Central voters elected Jason Ellis to fill that fifth and final council seat.

There were also two school district property tax renewals on the ballot. The first one aimed at getting money to help keep the student-teacher ration in the classrooms low. The second would raise money to maintain and improve school employees' salaries and benefits.

Both passed easily.

There were also two tax renewals related to fire departments in East Baton Rouge. First, the Eastside Fire Department's renewal would collect money to increase manpower, training, and equipment for the department.

Also the Baton Rouge District 6 had a tax renewal on the ballot with the money raised, going to operating and maintaining fire protection faculties in the district. Both of these taxes passed easily.

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