Student sues Southern University over Chancellor's contract

Criminal Defense lawyer Hannibal Joiner
Criminal Defense lawyer Hannibal Joiner
SU Chancellor James Llorens
SU Chancellor James Llorens

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Hannibal Joiner graduated from Southern University Law School 20 years ago. Recently he returned to the university to get a Master's Degree in business.

Now he has dusted off his law books and filed a suit against Southern University involving Chancellor James Llorens. He wants a court to look at how Southern decided not to renew Llorens' contract. Following that decision, students and alumni protested in Llorens' favor. The school reviewed its decision and ultimately decided not to renew Llorens' contract.

"I thought the board of supervisors did Dr. Llorens wrong as far as renewing his contract. He's done a great job he's increased enrollment he's stabilized the finance and he's involved in the community," says Joiner.

In the law suit, Joiner claims Southern didn't act "in good faith and deal fairly" with Llorens.

"The contract, under Louisiana law, we have a contract. The parties have a duty to act in good faith and I felt the board, certain members of the board, had ulterior motives and therefor they did not act in good faith," says Joiner

Joiner says he has not talked to Llorens about the lawsuit because Llorens is still working at Southern.

"I didn't want to get him involved. He still works for Southern. I'm an MBA student as well as an alumnus. I feel the board in general, not everybody on the board, is being unresponsive to the community and mistreating Dr. Llorens," says Joiner.

Joiner has been involved in some high profile cases. Several years ago he defended Shedran Williams who was found guilty of murdering Baton Rouge Police Officer Vicki Wax. He says he is not concerned about suing his former and current university.

"I could care less. As long as they don't sign my paycheck I don't care what they do. I love Southern. I want to do what's in the best interest of Southern," says Joiner.

The suit is scheduled to be heard next week in District Court Judge Mike Caldwell's court.

A spokesperson for Southern University said they would have no comment on the matter.

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