Sheriff's office releases names of men arrested in Coursey shooting

Anthony Haynes Source: EBRSO
Anthony Haynes Source: EBRSO
Eugene Dabney Source: EBRSO
Eugene Dabney Source: EBRSO
Terrel Howard Source: EBRSO
Terrel Howard Source: EBRSO

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The East Baton Rouge Sheriff's office has released the names of the three  men arrested Wednesday in connection with a suspected car burglary and shooting that took place on Coursey Boulevard.

The men are Anthony Haynes who was charged with two counts of attempted second degree murder, illegal use of a weapon, and two counts of illegal possession of stolen firearms.

Eugene Dabney Jr. and Terrel Howard who were both charged with two counts of principle to attempted second degree murder.

Sheriff's office Spokesperson Casey Rayborn Hicks said the men confessed to breaking into cars and then shooting the victim who chased them across Coursey boulevard.

The shooting happened on Coursey Boulevard at Hickory Ridge Boulevard around 2 a.m. Wednesday morning, Hicks said.

Justin Clausen said he and a friend were at a daiquiri shop in the shopping center and were walking to a nearby apartment complex when they saw three hooded men looking into cars in a suspicious manner. Clausen said he and his friend approached one of the men and asked what was going on. He added he and his friend claimed they were security in hopes of getting more details on the situation.

Reportedly, the three suspicious-looking men then took off running down Coursey, with Clausen and his friend chasing them. They reportedly caught up with the trio across the street from the shopping center.

"That's when one of the guys pointed the gun at my buddy's head and my buddy went to go swing on him," Clausen said. "He knocked the gun away and the guy drew back and shot him right in his leg."

He added the wound wasn't bad. He said his friend went to the hospital, was treated and was released a short time later.

People who frequent the area describe it as quiet and safe. They added nothing really happens there. Clausen said an incident like this is completely out of the norm. He said seeing the three men walking through the gate of the apartment complex raised a red flag.

"We knew something was going on. We just weren't sure exactly what. We definitely didn't know that they had guns on them," Clausen explained.

While Hicks said she's glad the men were not harmed further, confronting a suspect is never a good idea.

"As law enforcement we absolutely don't recommend - especially if it's just a threat to your property - we definitely don't recommend to pursue a suspect. Call law enforcement immediately, call the Sheriff's Office, call 911 and let law enforcement take care of the situation," she said.

The investigation into the shooting is ongoing.

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