Perkins Rowe without air conditioning after broken line

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Thirty hours after a construction mishap resulted in crews shutting down the cooling mechanism at the Perkins Rowe development, nearly 200 residents and just over 40 retailers remained without air conditioning Tuesday night.

"It's really hot, like really hot," said Morgan Landry.

Landry and her mother Bonnie sat outside to eat and then spent some time in the stores and that is when it hit them.

"We hadn't even realized the air conditioning was out yet because we were outside but now it's definitely noticeable, after experiencing it in the shops," said Landry.

According to Stirling Properties, the management company that operates Perkins Rowe, the cooling system for the development is chilled water lines that run underground. That system was breached sometime late Monday afternoon. Donna Taylor is senior Vvce president for Stirling and talked to WAFB by phone.

"Construction crews working on the property damaged one of the chilled water lines forcing the system to be shut down until repairs can be made," said Taylor.

"When we walked in we felt heat, it was not cool at all but I mean it wasn't unbearable where we immediately had to walk out of the store," said Brandon Bridges.

Construction crews are well aware of the problem and Taylor insists they will be on site working 24 hours a day until it is fixed. Landry says shopping may have to wait until the chill in the air returns.

"I would say so yes. Too hot to shop," added Landry.

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