Student organization pushing for medical marijuana

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - LSU student Jacob Irving battles daily with a muscle control disorder called spasticity. His muscles get so tight that his friends have to help stretch them out.

"I hurt all the time. I say a good estimate would be for hours a week just doing physical therapy," said Irving.

In looking for other treatments, Irving said he has heard that others with his condition have gotten relief using medical marijuana. That is why he and his organization Students for Sensible Drug Policy are working towards getting Bill 541 passed in this year's state legislative session. The bill would broaden the use of medical marijuana.

"I can think of two studies off the top of my head where THC was administered orally to people with spasticity. And it was found to be very significantly helpful. And helpful unlike any of the other treatments available," said Irving.

But the Louisiana Sheriffs Association came out strong to make it clear that they are not supporting the bill. They believe the FDA needs to have further studies on the use of medical marijuana.

The State Sheriffs believe that there will be a conflict if the state bill would pass- because it would still be illegal federally. But Irving disagrees.

"The attorney general Eric Holder has already come out and said states have the right to set their own laws with Colorado and Washington that they wouldn't interfere," said Irving.

The bill will come up for discussion Wednesday.

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