Community completes public art project in downtown BR

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A new public art project was completed in downtown Baton Rouge over the weekend. Those who participated say this is just one of many they hope to complete in the future.

The two-building piece is located on Terrace Street near St. Joseph's. The project is sponsored by the Museum of Public Art and the African American History Museum.

"It came about over a year ago where we started painting and doing art to beautify the community," Dr. Kevin Harris, Director of the Museum of Public Art, said. "We're branching out into the community to bring more artwork and hopefully people will stop and say, 'Hey, what can I do to help?'"

Although the project is a project for the community, by the community, a special guest was invited to participate in the project. Chicago artist Rahmaan Statik, 33, traveled to Baton Rouge over the weekend specifically to work on a two-wall mural.

"Dr. Kevin Harris was persistent in bringing artists from other areas to produce public art," Statik said when asked how he became involved in the project. "The people have been very friendly, and respectful, which produces a better environment for me to produce art in. Every now and then you may have people walk up to you and ask questions, but not so much as you would think. The environment within itself is very inspiring. I produce some of my better pieces while I'm down here."

Statik will return to Baton Rouge in June to spend two weeks on a larger project. Dr. Harris added that they hope to continue the community art project on a monthly basis.

And special guest Rahmaan Statik flew in from Chicago to lend his talent for the mural. This is the second mural he's completed here in the Capital City, and he tells us he will be back for two weeks in June to work on a third.

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