Prairieville teen youngest to perform in 2014 New Orleans Jazz Fest

James Linden Hogg, 13, is the youngest performer in the New Orleans Jazz Fest and Heritage Festival
James Linden Hogg, 13, is the youngest performer in the New Orleans Jazz Fest and Heritage Festival

PRAIRIEVILLE, LA (WAFB) - A rising star from Prairieville, Louisiana will shine among some of the most talented musicians at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival.

James Linden Hogg, 13, is the youngest performer in this year's lineup.

Buried in an oasis with a modern day creek, James Linden Hogg is bringing back the past. Clad in clothing that resembles the 18th century, Hogg brings history to life.

"This is what Jefferson, Washington, Adams listened to while they were on the streets of Williamsburg and the streets of Philadelphia," Hogg said.

Hogg became fascinated with the Colonial Period a few years ago when he first visited Williamsburg, Virginia.

"It just has a very warm appeal to it. It's not manmade music. It comes from instruments. It comes from within. It comes from your heart."

But his love of music was born long before that journey. He said he caught the fever from his father, Jim. He said from the moment he picked his first violin, he was hooked, and not just on the fiddle.

"I play violin, banjo, bag pipes, fife and penny whistle, and I can also play piano."

While he has taken lessons, Hogg admits he does not know how to read music. He said his comes from simply listening and lots of practice.

"Oh, I practice every day, three or four hours a day. I've been practicing a lot."

Hogg has been granted the opportunity of a lifetime, a spot on stage at The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival. It will be his first time to attend the festival.

"I don't know what kind of crowd to expect. I'm hoping there is one."

Hogg wants to help others appreciate the musical tastes of our forefathers and see that some of melodies people enjoy today are rooted in our country's rich history.

"Sometimes you'll hear a song and there's a name of that tune in the 18th century."

He has done his research and rehearsed every tune on the banks of a pond in his parent's backyard.

While it is clear he has got talent and a bright future at his fingertips, Hogg says his dreams go far beyond the strings of his banjo.

"I'd like to be a constitutional lawyer, perhaps a congressman or senator, and I am striving for president."

If Hogg brings his musical flair and overtures to the White House, history could very well repeat itself under the bridge of his first fiddle.

Hogg, along with his father Jim Hogg and Grammy Award Winner Nelson Blanchard, will perform on the Kid's stage on Sunday at 4 p.m.

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The 45th New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival is scheduled for April 25 - 27 and May 1 - 4, 2014.

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