LSU student putting spotlight on marijuana use on campus

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - LSU student journalist Jack Richards wrote a recent story about students selling and using drugs on campus, particularly marijuana. And it is an issue of some importance and in some cases direct impact. LSU police make an average of 100 drug arrests each year and between 70 to 80 deals with students using pot. Now with the debate to decriminalize pot possession currently underway at the Capitol, his story seems even timelier.

"There is a big shift in attitudes about drugs in the United States these days. You know you got two states legalizing marijuana already. You got people not so convinced that the war on drugs is the thing," said Richards.

LSU police Captain Cory Lalonde said while marijuana is often involved in a bust, there are other drugs that have him concerned.

"We've come across MDMA, molly, things of that nature. We do come across those from time to time, but the majority of the incidents is involving marijuana," said Lalonde.

Richards said he has no opinion of the war on drugs, but points out the perceptions of marijuana users are definitely changing on campus.

"These people use drugs, but they are still ambitious. They still want to do something with their lives and so I thought that was a really important story to tell," said Richards.

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