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I-Team: Classrooms of Fear (PREVIEW)


Students allegedly threatening teachers at some East Baton Rouge Parish public schools is the focus of a new I-Team report.

Tonight, you're going to hear from two EBR public school teachers who spill all the happenings inside their classrooms and what they deal with on a daily basis.

From fights to straight up threats toward teachers, we're looking at it all. Plus, we sat down with the teachers' union president who said several EBR teachers have reached out to him, many saying they feel hopeless with the increasing violence inside the classrooms.

The teachers who sat down with the I-Team said many times administrators turn it around on them that they don't know how to manage their own classrooms, but they said that's not the case.

"They bring the teachers across as like, you know, a teacher might snap and have a bad day and say some things to students that they shouldn't and it's like their parents and everybody runs with that and says, ‘Look at those teachers,' but they don't know what the teachers are going through in those classrooms. They're only seeing one side of it," said one teacher who asked to not be identified.

So tonight at 10 p.m., we will take you inside the classrooms and let them tell you their side of the story. Plus, we tracked down the Supt. Dr. Bernard Taylor to ask him about the teachers' complaints. 

"There are teachers who are saying that violence in classrooms," the reporter began.

"You know what? We hear that all the time," Bernard said. "And if teachers and administrators and parents work collectively when there are incidents of violence and those don't involve all students, so let's be clear, too."

That was just the beginning of the interview with him before he walked off while we were still trying to get answers.

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