Common Core supporters deliver signatures to Gov. Bobby Jindal

Yolanda Braxton hands over a stack of signatures in favor of Common Core.
Yolanda Braxton hands over a stack of signatures in favor of Common Core.

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Gov. Bobby Jindal was hand-delivered a petition on Wednesday with the names of thousands of people who want the Common Core education reform to remain in place.

A group of parents, educators and students took the battle straight to the governor's door. They piled up the stack of a 6,000 signature petition, all to illustrate taking a stand to try to keep Common Core, the federal standardized education curriculum in Louisiana.

Yolanda Braxton, one of those parents, explained she and other Common Core supporters went door-to-door to get those signatures from across the state. She said she is not a fan of Jindal's decision of wanting to pull the curriculum out of schools after he was in favor of it at the beginning.

"We're for Louisiana," Braxton said. "I think the governor's decision has been very political. I think it's more of a political thing for him running for the presidency."

Judy Vail is with the Calcasieu Parish School System. She said she can't understand why Jindal has flipped the script. She points out that Common Core is in 44 states and is the best thing for students.

"Because teachers have learned that these standards are collectively better state standards that are out there," said Vail.

The group Braxton part of a group that calls itself "Stand For Children."

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