LSU Potato Drop feeding hungry families in Baton Rouge

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Students at LSU are bagging up 28,000 pounds of sweet potatoes to help feed hungry families in Baton Rouge

It's all a part of the annual LSU Potato Drop. Garber Farms in Iota Louisiana donated the potatoes which will be bagged and sent to the Baton Rouge Food Bank and other area pantries. Believe it or not... These potatoes are actually considered un-marketable because they are too big or too small. But that doesn't mean they still aren't good to eat.

"Actually, 20 percent of Baton Rouge residents are going hungry or use the services provided by the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank. So, by doing this we're giving them access to fresh produce that they otherwise wouldn't have," said Sara Lackey with the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank volunteer.

The Greater Baton Rouge Food bank organizes the potato drop, along with help from the Society of St. Andrew, which works with farmers to collect eatable produce they cannot sell to markets.

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