Supt. White: It could cost $3 million or more to abandon Common Core

La. State Superintendent John White testifying at senate finance
La. State Superintendent John White testifying at senate finance

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Louisiana has been phasing in Common Core for three years now, with next year being the time for full implementation, but this Legislative session, there is a move to scrap the entire plan.

Governor Bobby Jindal was on board for a while, but he has now changed his position on Common Core and is no longer in favor of it.

Monday the Senate Finance Committee wanted to hear some hard numbers on what it would cost the state to scrap Common Core curriculum.

State School Superintendent John White made it quite clear that if Common Core was abandoned now, it could cost the state at least $3 million, if not more.

Common Core is a federal standardized school curriculum that is in place in many states. Those in favor of Common Core say it measures student performance at a higher level and children learn more.

Opponents say the curriculum is not Louisiana specific and does not accurately reflect what Louisiana children know.

Either way, School Superintendent John White defended Common Core in front of the Senate Finance Committee.

"I think the greater costs, however, will be borne by local school systems which will then have to go back and re-purchase curriculum that they have purchased for next year; and will have to redo their professional development for next year," said White.

"The state spends $50 million on text books and curriculum every year. I don't want to say that all of that would have to be re-spent but a sizable portion of that will have to be re-spent if we literally change the standards and tests that the districts have been planning on taking for years," added White.

The Federal Government chips in a third of Louisiana's $3 billion annual education budget. White says we could be in danger of losing that money if the state does not do standardized testing.

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