Jailed murder suspect allegedly orchestrates plot to harm witnesses

Christopher Smith and Kirrasha Nicholas
Christopher Smith and Kirrasha Nicholas

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Two people are accused of trying to keep witnesses from testifying in a trio of murder and armed robbery cases.

Kirrasha Nicholas, 25, was booked on Friday, April 18th. The police say Nicholas's boyfriend, Erick Scott, contacted her from the inside of the EBR Parish Prison and asked her to intimidate witnesses. And finally, Christopher Smith was booked into prison on Monday. He is accused of agreeing to murder one of the witnesses at Scott's request.

Scott was arrested in April 2012 for the murder of Kevin Johnson. Then, just weeks later, he was charged with the murder of Justice Thompson. Scott also faces two counts of attempted murder, stemming from an armed robbery. But, he is now also charged with solicitation to murder.

According to the probable cause report, Nicholas allegedly attempted to contact the victims of the attempted murder case for which Scott is awaiting trial.  The report says that Nicholas also tried to destroy a hand written letter addressed to another witness of a homicide for which Scott is also awaiting trial as the accused.

The report revealed that over time, investigators have been monitoring Scott's phone calls to Nicholas and they heard Scott explicitly instructing Nicholas to contact the witnesses and victims of these cases. On April 7th, Scott gave Nicholas the names and phone numbers of two victims of the attempted murder incident.

Additionally, the report states that on April 10th, Scott call his girlfriend again and instructed her to destroy a letter that he had sent her from prison, and Nicholas agreed to destroy it. However, the next day, detectives were able to get that letter, which had been torn to bits and placed inside Nicholas's trash can. Once it was pieced together, detectives saw the names of the victims in the letter and names of witnesses to contact.

According to the report, the letter read:

"Them people ain't gone come to court on me. If they do, we gone beat them."

In other reviews of his phone calls, the report says that investigators heard Scott solicit Christopher Smith, supposedly instructing him to harm three female witnesses to a murder for which he was arrested for committing. 

During a phone call on April 8th, Scott allegedly called Smith and explained to him that he had handwritten Smith a letter under the guise of a false name, and the envelope was addressed to 'Brother's Keeper'.  Scott then hints around that he wants Smith to destroy the letter once it's read. By the end of the call, the report states that investigators heard him saying, "everything go'n' be taken care of. I promise."

Detectives were able to find the disguised letter sent to Smith, torn up and thrown in a trash bag outside of his home.  When pieced back together, it stated:

"I really need you … to go wit your move and step on them for me… you know if I had to for yall I would…I never ask yall to come thru for me but its real… I need the job done because they tryna get me on some G-(expletive)…. If that don't get done them I'm over wit… get it done before my court date please… don't let nobody see this letter."

Smith is arrested and charged with conspiracy to commit 1st degree murder.

Scott's girlfriend, Kirrasha Nicholas, was arrested and charged with conspiracy to commit obstruction of justice and conspiracy to commit witness intimidation.