Recent cold snaps keeping crawfish traps empty

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Good Friday and crawfish go hand in hand with Easter being the most popular time for mudbugs, but finding the Louisiana delicacy may be a problem this year.

The recent cold snaps are keeping traps nearly empty. Farmers are just hoping to fill the orders they already have.

Crawfish farmers like Harlan Cashiola have plenty of sacks to fill, but it is proving to be a problem this year. "It's been a rough one," he stated. "The weather has been horrible, it's just been way off."

There were four wintry-mix days earlier this year and a cold snap earlier this week. In past years, Cashiola says for Easter weekend he averages about 70 sacks a day. This week alone he filled less than 40 sacks total.

Cashiola says between now and Easter Sunday, he has about 30 orders he is trying to fill. That doesn't include the grocery store he sells to. It's why he's trying not to take any more orders and simply fill all the sacks he's taken orders for.

In traps that are usually full, just about every one pulled up had no more than 10 crawfish in each.

The concern this year isn't the price, it is the demand.

Brad Tuminello has an annual crawfish boil every Saturday before Easter; but it may not happen this year.

"I'm going to try to reserve a sack for tomorrow if I can get them," said Tuminello. But he thinks he may only be able to get one sack. He says he is going to see what he can get tomorrow.

If all else fails, Tuminello says his guests may have to just eat barbeque chicken.

Right now, the average price for boiled crawfish is $3.99, but that is only if you can find them.

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