Ghost bikes serve reminder for bike safety on roads

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - As the temperature continues to get warmer, look for more people riding bicycles. Some people use bikes as a means of transportation or a recreation choice. And it's during this time of year that accidents with cars and bikes increase.

David Moorhead's father was killed in 2011 by a drive who, Moorhead said was texting and driving.

In an effort to pay tribute to his father, Moorhead got help from Mid City Bike store located on Government St, to build a "Ghost" bike. A bike that is a roadside memorial, painted white, that's place in spot a cyclist was killed. Moorhead believes it will send a message to others. 

"It would let everybody know going down that high way, you need to look out for bicyclist this is a state high way and you need to be careful," said Moorhead. 

Mike Chultz of Baton Rouge EMS said there are a few things you can do to protect yourself when biking, like wearing bright colors or putting on a helmet.

Anything that can protect bike riders is important to Travis Hans who is the owner of Mid City Bikes.  He painfully remembers how he lost someone who was hit by a car. 

"I went through a lot when my friend was killed a few years ago so that's just something sort of separate now. He was my roommate and employee here so it really hit home a lot, it was a big deal for us," said Hans.

Now what hits home for one person molds, welds, and connects another person together by metal and a set of wheels.

Showing signs of hope every pedal along the way.