Missing documents will cost Iberville Parish Schools more than $600,000

IBERVILLE PARISH, LA (WAFB) - Iberville Parish School officials revealed Monday evening missing files and documents will force the parish to repay nearly $650,000 in grant money used in 2010. School officials told board members the exact figure, $646,236, has been requested by the grant organization USAC for the funds because of violations of the rules. Board members were also told the parish could face penalties if the full amount is not returned.

"Somebody's responsible for this and you're not going to sit there Dr. Carcienne and tell me you don't know who it is or why it happened. That's a lot of money," said Iberville Parish School Board Member Dorothy Sansoni.

Iberville Parish School Superintendent P. Edward Carcienne said the documents were lost when workers were authorized to clear the office of the consultant managing the grant money after she resigned her post in February 2010. The explanation did not sit well with board members like Nancy Broussard.

"Whose decision was it to handle this in this manner to have our staff go in and remove her records without notifying her or talking to her beforehand?" asked Broussard. "Whose decision was that? How did that decision get made?"

"What we're talking about is verifiable documentation. We could not put forth the verifiable documentation, but the money was spent appropriately," added Carcienne.

Board members voted to repay the funds from the grant used by the parish that could not be properly documented but several board members said that money could have funded many other programs moving forward.

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