Judge rules Baker teen accused of murder can be charged as an adult

Pictured left to right: Kendal Dorsey, Diontrey Claiborne, and Marcell Franklin
Pictured left to right: Kendal Dorsey, Diontrey Claiborne, and Marcell Franklin

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Judge Kathleen Richey has ruled that the Baker teen accused of three counts of murder and one count of attempted murder can be charged as an adult.  Nakeydran Williams, 16, will be transferred to East Baton Rouge Parish Prison.  His case will be moved to the 19th Judicial Court.

"I'm glad justice being served," said Marvin Darcy, the uncle of Kendal Dorsey who is one of the victims.  "My mom and sister and them can get some closure."

Family members of victims took up one side of the courtroom, during Monday's hearing. The detention hearing was in connection to the March 28 deadly shooting in Baker.

Williams was seated between his attorney and grandmother when the judge made her ruling.

Judge Richey found there is enough evidence for Nakeydran to be charged with the murder counts. The day after the shooting at the Baker Civic Club, Williams was arrested and booked for the shooting deaths of Kendal Dorsey, 15, Diontrey Claiborne, 18, and Marcell Franklin, 15. He was charged with attempted murder for a fourth teen Javaughn Simmons, 19, who was also shot and survived.

Prosecutors called three law enforcement officers to testify during the hearing.  One of them is the lead detective in the case, Lt. Greg Brown with the Baker Police Department.

Brown testified that police had learned that the party/rap concert was for a man named Frederick Gibbens. He says Gibbens received a message from a girl identified as A.H. (a juvenile) after the shooting that said, 'Sorry your party went that way' and hinted that she knew who the shooter was. Brown said A.H. sent Gibbens a picture of a male dressed in a Scotlandville High School uniform.  Brown said initially the girl said the person in the picture was Nakeydran Thomas.  Another officer asked the school principal to identify the male in the picture.  The principal identified him as Nakeydran Williams.

During questioning, Brown testified the girl told them the surviving victim had been dancing around wildly all night and bumped into Nakeydran at some point. Brown says she told them, the 16-year-old smiled, reached into his waistband, pulled out a gun and shot three to six times.

Williams' girlfriend, known only in court as J.H., was also at the party.  Officers testified that she told them she hugged Williams when she saw them at the party and felt something.  They say she told them when she asked what it was, he told her he had a gun.

While on the stand, the girlfriend testified she saw Williams fire a gun at least one time.  At one point she also testified she didn't know who did the shooting.  Prosecutors then asked her if she didn't know anything about the shooting, why did she contact detectives to give them her version of what happened.

Prosecutors say they believe Williams' girlfriend wanted to be loyal to her boyfriend, but also tell the truth.

"She had to admit that her boyfriend, who we allege is the killer, had a gun and was the only one, that we can determine, that had a gun," said District Attorney Hillar Moore.

During the hearing, it was also mentioned that autopsy results from the three deceased teens showed each victim's cause of death was a gunshot above the neck.  Each victim was also hit with the same type of bullet, according to reports.  Detectives say they found no bullet casings inside the civic center.  They say that matches the description of the type of weapon used.  In this case, police say they were told, it was a revolver.

The murder weapon has not yet been found.  The D.A. says they have also not found the clothes Williams had on the night of the incident.

Moore says a grand jury will eventually decide if Nakeydran Williams will be indicted.  Because of his age though, he can't face the death penalty.

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