Suspicious charges from convenient store overdrafts customers' accounts

WALKER, LA (WAFB) - Some customers of a convenience store in Walker woke to find their bank accounts in the negative. They claim Cracker Barrel randomly charged them for things they never bought.

The Cracker Barrel on North Walker and Courtney Road is the only one-stop shop in the area for miles.

Locals, Logan and Shana Sorrell, said they are loyal customers.

"I go two, three, four times a day. I know the employees by name. They know me by name," Logan Sorrell said.

Logan said, on Wednesday while standing in line, she overheard a conversation that immediately got her attention.

"The manager was telling this guy in front of me, 'hey get your checking account checked, and the guy asked why, and he said cause people are getting charged double, triple," Logan said.

She said when she checked her bank statement she noticed multiple charges from the Walker Cracker Barrel she said she never made, all on the same date.

"I seen an ATM charge of $1.95, and I said hey I don't even use the ATM at the Cracker Barrel," Logan said.

Her mother, Shana, said when she checked her account she noticed over $200.00 worth of charges from the store, all processed on the same day.

"I was shocked. I called my bank and they investigated and said we have never seen anything like this before," Shana said.

Shana said someone with Cracker Barrel told her over the phone it was the result of a computer error.

"The woman said some people didn't get charged so we're going through and we're taking our money out. I asked so you're double dipping and she said yes ma'am we are," Shana said.

No one from the Cracker Barrel home office would comment on camera but they released a statement. It reads in part. "The postings of some debit card charges to some customer card accounts through a third party card processor were delayed. We are working with its card processor at this time to explain the delay."

Shauna and Logan said they are done waiting. They want to be reimbursed for the money they said they never spent there.

"I contacted my bank and they are going to investigate, and I'm getting my money back," Shana said.

Meantime, the Walker store is accepting cash only from customers.

The manager of the Walker store said while some customers had been double charged, the majority of the transactions had never been processed.

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