UL System members meet with Louisiana reps to discuss higher ed issues

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - As the Louisiana Legislature wraps up its fifth week in session, members of the House of Representatives hosted a gathering Thursday made up of members of the University of Louisiana System.

The nine members of the UL System met with state representatives to discuss higher education issues in our state. They namely talked about money and the five years of budget cuts that the schools have endured.

"It's definitely been painful to lose so much of your state support, said Frank Pogue, president of Grambling State University. "But the reality is that we have been promised now that there will be no more budget cuts for the time being."

"Despite the challenges the state has faced economically, the universities have continued to produce in the manner they have been expected to," added Nick Bruno, president of the University of Louisiana - Monroe. "So, we can't basically say, 'We've had these cuts; we have to just lay down and play dead.' We have to do like so many others in private sector that we have to adjust and continue our successful paths and look at the future because the state needs us very badly."

The UL System felt that a unified meeting at the Louisiana State Capitol would have more of an impact on the legislators than individual visits.

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