Summer Grove residents still without power three days after storm

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Summer Grove Condominiums off Florida Boulevard took a direct hit in last weekend's severe weather and nearly three days later residents are still without electricity.

"We are going into the third day and we can't even get a note on the door," said Christy Dright.

Dright lives in one of the 40 units at Summer Grove still without power. Sandra Goodman is another tenant who relies on oxygen daily and says her health depends on being able to operate needed equipment.

"Tomorrow after I get off the dialysis van, they drop me off and I have to go and stay with my daughter because I can't stay here. I cannot stay here," said Goodman.

Dright says no one from the apartment staff has updated tenants on the cause of the power outage and when it might be turned back on and adds the situation has gone well beyond an inconvenience.

"It's not the food. It's the fact we have kids and can't bathe them. You know it's an important thing for everybody to have power," said Dright.

Demco crews replaced the power pole at the front of the apartments and fixed damaged lines, but company officials say until they get notified by the East Baton Rouge Parish Permits office the complex has fixed its problems, they have no choice but to keep electricity disconnected.

"Some cases there's repairs to be made and the permit office is going to have their requirements as to how that's done, whether it's a licensed electrician or other measures they oversee as well but once they say it's good, we're good to heat it up," said Demco Public relations Manager David Latona.

The owner of the complex, who lives in Florida, told 9 News by phone he and his staff are not at fault. He adds electricians looked at his meters and wiring and found no reason for the power to remain off. He adds Demco officials could not tell him of any law or ordinance that prevented the company from restoring power without permit approval if the company deemed it safe. Dright however, says she doesn't know who is to blame but just that's it time the problem is corrected.

"You know we have elderly here. We have a lot of single parents like myself and I think we're going into the third night, it's frustrating and there's not much we can do. It's frustrating," said Dright.

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