New Roads Captain suspended indefinitely, must get counseling

NEW ROADS, LA (WAFB) - New Roads Police Captain Mark Munson has been in some deep water lately, after crashing his vehicle two weeks ago in a ditch on North Carolina Street. WAFB recently reported, after Munson crashed, a Pointe Coupee Sheriff's deputy responded to the scene. The deputy says he smelled alcohol on Munson's breath, and noticed an alcohol bottle in his car. But Munson was not given a breathalyzer test because the deputy was not certified to conduct such a test.

Later on we learned a Louisiana State Trooper also responded. But sources tell us he was waived off by the deputy, reportedly after a higher ranking officer instructed him to do so. After this was reported, the Louisiana State Police did an investigation.

Tuesday afternoon Pointe Coupee Parish Sheriff Bud Torres suspended all three men involved-- Lt. Pat Bizette, Cpt. Adrian Slaughter, and Sqt. Dillion Berjeron without pay.

"As police officers we have a burden or an expectation of doing the right thing and when we are involved in something that we shouldn't be involved in, we should get treated the same way as everybody else," said Torres.

As for Captain Munson, Torres says he has been charged with failure to maintain a vehicle and having an open container.

Later on at New Roads city hall Mayor Robert Myer also held a press conference on the matter. He says Captain Munson's actions we unacceptable and he has to pay some serious consequences. The mayor announced Cpt. Munson has been placed on indefinite suspension without pay. Mayor Meyer said Munson hasn't had disciplinary problems in the past, but says this is something you can't ignore.

"When you represent the city of new Roads in any capacity, you take that responsibility all the time," said Munson.

To get reinstated with the department, Munson will have to complete four things:

Pay all fines, pay for any property damage, take a drivers course, and go through counseling.

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