Pit bull attacks man sending him to hospital, wife shoots and kills dog

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A vicious pit bull attack in North Baton Rouge ended with a man in the hospital. Witnesses said the man provoked the dog.

Witnesses can only describe what happened on Tecumseh Street as utter chaos. It was a scene one would expect after a shooting, only this one involved an altercation between a man and a pit bull.

"I was lying in bed and I heard someone holler, help, help, help," one woman said.

The woman, who did not want to be identified, said it was her neighbor, a man, who was having words with his next door neighbor's dog, Buck. She said Buck and another pit bull had gotten out of the yard through a hole and were barking at the man's Labrador.

"When I came around all three of the dogs were barking at him or whatever and he was hanging over the fence hollering for help," she said.

Witnesses said the man used a stick to poke the pit as he shouted. They said someone was able to call the dogs away, but it was far from over.

"After we got him down the man was cursing at him and he came and was standing here and was standing up like you could tell he was about to go across the fence, and he said mother expletive and I don't know how he got his balance but he got up here and he stood here for a second and he called him another mother expletive and when he said that he just dove on him," she said.

She said witnesses tried to get the dog off of the man but Buck latched on.

"We had pipes, bricks, hitting the dog, and he would not let him go," she explained.

The woman said the man's wife came to his rescue.

"She came out with a shotgun, and the first time she shot in the air I guess thinking the dog would get off of him but he didn't so he ended up having to shoot him," she said.

Buck died. The man was taken to the hospital to be treated for bites to his hands and legs.

Buck's owner, Gerard Carter, who was at work during incident said if the tables were turned, he would have pulled the trigger too.

"It hurt me but I'm really worried about my neighbor's health more than the dog actually being put down," Carter said.

Animal Control picked up Buck and another of Carter's pit bulls to be tested for rabies.

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