Bill looks to expand teen sexting ban

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Lawmakers are taking on a number of issues at the Louisiana State Capitol on Tuesday and sexting is one of them.

Sexting is generally referred to as the sending of sexually explicit photos through a cell phone. There is a bill up for consideration that could change the current sexting law. SB 557 by state Sen. Ronnie Johns, R-Lake Charles, is largely a technical change in the law, but it does expand the prohibition of teenage sexting.

There is already a law that prohibits sexting between those under the age of 17, but the current statute only allows for prosecution from the origination of the indecent picture.

The new law would allow victims to square out complaints in their own home parish instead of having to travel to where the image was sent from.

"I told them I didn't think the statute sexting covered that situation, since it only defined the sending of the visual depiction and they agreed with me," said Judge Kent Savoie of the 14th Judicial District Court. "The only thing I would suggest to you is that the language that's in the current bill that says 'originated' be changed to 'was transmitted.' That copy is the language of the definition of the crime."

This bill only applies to juveniles or first offense violators. It carries a 10-day jail term and $100 fine.

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