Family looks to rebuild after second major setback

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A stump is all that remains from the tree that caught fire in Angles Scales back yard in July.

"We didn't have shoes. We didn't have clothes. All we had was our dogs, cats and my kids that's it. That was July," said Scales.

Angles and her children persevered and last week, eight long months and countless renovations later, they moved back in the home for the first time since the fire.

Sunday night the family suffered yet another major setback when another tree was struck by lightning, dropping the top of the tree down on Scales' roof. The massive tree crashed right into the bedroom occupied by two French exchange students staying with the Angles family for only three days.

"I feel lucky, to be alive," said Clemence Mazingue.

Mazingue is one of those students who tried to put her fear into words.

"I was sleeping in the bed and then I heard the sound the thunder, the windows were broke and I opened my eyes and the wall wasn't there," said Mazingue.

"They were hugging, hugging like Oh My god and when I looked to the right the door was open, you could see nothing but night time, I could see my neighbors house, I could see the stars, I was like Oh My God," added Scales.

Angles and her family are in for another long journey after dealing with a severe blow from Mother Nature yet again but she'll be the first to tell you how lucky she feels.

"My blessing is I didn't call their parents and say I need you to pick up a body. I didn't plan a funeral for my children or someone did not plan one for me. That's beyond a blessing for us to get out of two major catastrophes like that and just walk away," said Scales.

Angles is not sure where she will get the strength to rebuild once again but adds her family continues to grow closer through it all. Her two students are also planning on staying with the family while they figure things out.

"Everything happens for a reason. It's a reason this happened, it's a reason all these other things happened. They're not always revealed to you right now but eventually they will be," said Scales.

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