Vigil held in Baker for victims of deadly shooting

BAKER, LA (WAFB) - Candles were lit and heads lowered Thursday night in Baker as hundreds gathered for a prayer vigil to remember the three young victims of the deadly shooting at the Baker Civic Club.

"God promises he will bring justice, and he will bring healing," said one pastor.

The words of prayer provided strength for Mary Dorsey who lost her 15 year old grandson Kendal Dorsey in the shooting.

"I miss my baby," said Dorsey.  "I can't express how deep that goes right now because it's real deep for my loss, but I love him and miss him. But I know God will strengthen us as time goes by."

Speakers also urged those on hand not to let the loss of life go in vain.

"I charge everyone here today to say we will have that same mindset to say we will not tolerate this in Baker, not this type of darkness, this type of activity, this type of loss," said another pastor.

The message resonated with Alexis Taylor who says she was just a few feet away when the deadly shots were fired.

"Seven seconds later when I moved she got shot right there where I was standing," said Taylor. "I see a lot of flashbacks and just hearing the gun just shoot and the lights cut on and seeing three dead people on the ground. It's just sad."

Mary Dorsey says she is beyond sad since the shooting but she adds that she is determined to use events like the prayer vigil to hold on to the memories of her grandson.

"His smile. His smile is like a magnet to you. You'll never, ever forget it," said Dorsey.

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