Wild animals hogging Louisiana crops

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Wild hogs have invaded our coast, and now they are eating Louisiana's crops. If it doesn't stop, consumers could feel the bite of increased costs.

Several landowners showed up at the state Wildlife and Fisheries Commission meeting on Thursday to voice their concerns.

Farmers say feral hogs are feasting on their feed and destroying their land. They say if the situation is not brought under control soon, the damage will only get worse.

This means production for grain such as corn will go up, and that could cost the consumer.

"Any damage that happens during their planting or the maturation process the corn where hogs damage comes directly out of the farmers pocket not an insurable loss. That money will ultimately have to be passed along to the consumer," said Jim Lacour.

Some of the options to getting the wild hog population under control include using poisons, birth control, or shooting them in widespread areas from a helicopter.

The wildlife board members are creating a plan to discuss at its next meeting.

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