St. George organizers outraged by Councilman's terrorist comments

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Dustin Yates and other members of the St. George movement voiced outrage Wednesday, to a Facebook post made by Baton Rouge Metro Councilman John Delgado. In a thread on fellow Councilman Ryan Heck's page discussing the East Baton Rouge public school system, Delgado referred to members of the St. George movement along with Al Qaeda.

In the post Delgado says, "I don't thank people that try to destroy our community. I condemn them for the terrorists that they are."

"The idea of the city of St. George being likened to organizations that have given so much misery and heartache to this country is absolutely unacceptable and shouldn't be accepted by this community in any stretch of the imagination," said Yates.

Delgado was asked if he apologized for the comments.

"Absolutely not, absolutely not," answered Delgado.

Delgado says his comments were a metaphor and adds incorporating St. George would be a massive blow to the rest of East Baton Rouge Parish, something he feels is all because legislation failed that would have created a new school district.

"They have threatened us, if we don't give them what they want, they are going to destroy us," added Delgado. "I don't know what else you would call that? I call it terrorism."

The latest war of words even prompted Baton Rouge Mayor Kip Holden to get involved.

In a statement Holden referred to Delgado's comments as unnecessary and also says,

"I encourage all parties to engage in civil discourse. We are all Americans and we should respect diverse views without name calling."

Delgado says putting the spotlight on his comments is nothing more than a diversionary tactic by his opponents and adds it takes away from what he says has been a refusal to come to the table to discuss real issues by members of the St. George movement.

"All they want to do is take a sledgehammer to a fly. Let's fix the real problem which is the school system and stop talking about the arguments between us," said Delgado.

"We have been lambasted in the media not only in this parish but throughout the country as racists, as bigots, as separatists, as segregationists and now the coup de grace and some sort of terrorist organization who's ultimate goal is to create the downfall of Baton Rouge," said Yates.

The next Baton Rouge Metro Council meeting is scheduled for April 9.

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