Common Core up for debate in education committee

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Lawmakers on the House Education Committee proposed to scrap Common Core and have Louisiana draw up its own education standards.

Common core is a standard of education in math, reading and writing that dozens of other states are already using.  The advantage, according to proponents, is that this system makes it easier to compare results and get students help where they need it.

"I really think we need to slow down this educational reform train as I discussed, I don't want it to be another train wreck. What we would like to see is it slow down. Put superintendents in this commission together; let's analyze every standard. Let's make sure everyone is age and developmentally correct," says Jerome Puyau Vermillion parish school superintendent.

While the Superintendent of Vermillion Parish Schools supports a new plan, State School Superintendent John White opposes it.   White wants to stay with Common Core.

"The Common Core state standards are a set of descriptions for a basic minimum ability of every child in our state in reading, writing, and math and a commitment to measuring them in their proficiency on a standard that is equal to the best education systems in our country," says White.

White told the committee that Louisiana has already taken the steps necessary to enjoy the advantages of common core and we should not derail the progress.

"As of next year a year from now not only will our kids be taught to a minimum standard that is as high any state in the land. But we will be able to measure with validity how well our kids are doing in comparison with any child in the land because they have god given gifts that are as great as any children in this country," says White.

With no clear cut direction from the Governor's office the future of common core or any new direction in education is up in the air.

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