CATS changes designed to get you there faster

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Making sure that you're getting to your destinations a lot faster is what the Capital Area Transit System is striving to do with its latest route reorganization. CATS added 350 new stops and expanded its transfer hubs from one to five.

CATS Ceo Bob Mirabito says this is something that will make a huge impact for riders.

"That allowed us to shorten routes, it allows us to switch people closer to their final destination so that should cut travel time considerably," said Mirabito.

For example, Mirabito hopes a bus ride from Earl King Long Hospital to Our Lady of the Lake that took almost 3 hours will be slashed to 45 minutes.

"I think it is also important for the people to understand that we are taking their suggestions and at the proper time we are going to make more changes as we go along to improve what we just put in place," said Mirabito.

Among the improvements that are still in the planning stages, addressing a well known safety issue at the bus stop at Florida and 22nd St. Mirabito said he understands the dangers of riders currently having to cross Florida St. to get to the bus stop. He said CATS is in the process of fixing that problem.

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