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Four charged with first degree murder after home invasion

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

A total of five people have been arrested after a home invasionand shooting early Saturday morning, at the 14400 block of West Kestrel Road,according to Pima County Sheriff's Department PIO Tracy Suitt.

The call came in around 1:20 a.m. and, when authorities arrived,they found 26-year-old Luis Antonio Lupercio severely injured. Deputiesattempted life saving measures, but the man succumbed to his injuries and diedat the home.

Authorities said that, overnight, 4 people entered the home, armedwith guns. They demanded property in the home and one of the residents wasinjured.

As they fled, a neighbor heard the noise and came to the house. Aconfrontation occurred between him and one of the suspects. Shots were firedand the suspect died from his injuries, according to Lt. David Theel of thePima County Sheriff's Department.

Those arrested are 18-year old Forrest Lupercio, 16-year oldDaniel Mancilla-Range, Robert Pryor, Oswaldo Carillo-Valenzuela and AlejandraRobinson.

Detectives said Robinson was charged with possession of a dangerousdrug.  The others faced charges of first degree murder.  Pryor andMancilla-Range would be tried as adults.

Detectives said state statute allowed them to charge individualswith first degree murder if it happened while they were committing anotherfelony crime.

Detectives said the victim was pistol whipped but suffered minorinjuries.  Deputies found medical marijuana in his home, but said he was avalid cardholder, and the amount found was within what was allowed by statelaw.

It took about 25 investigators from several units less than threedays to round up all the suspects.

The neighbor who rented space on the homeowners property has notbeen charged with a crime.

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