Family members try to make sense of shooting that killed 3 teens

Pictured left to right: Kendal Dorsey, Diontrey Claiborne, and Marcell Franklin
Pictured left to right: Kendal Dorsey, Diontrey Claiborne, and Marcell Franklin

BAKER, LA (WAFB) - A 16-year-old remains in police custody in connection with the shooting deaths of three other teenagers, as family members of the victims try to make sense of the tragedy.

The Baker Police Department said Kendal Dorsey, 15, Diontrey Claiborne, 18, and Marcell Franklin, 15, all of Baker, were shot and killed at a private party at the Baker Civic Club Friday. The suspect's name was not released because he is charged as a juvenile at this point.

Kenyatta Huggins is Dorsey's cousin. She said her brother was at the party, which featured disc jockeys and rap performances. Huggins said her brother told her he found Dorsey bleeding after the gunfire had stopped.

"He was hugging him and he was trying," said Huggins. "When he saw he was still breathing, he just hurried up and told people to come help."

Conway Knighton is the pastor at St. Mary's Baptist Church and lives in Baker. He said far too often, violent crime can be the result of children and teenagers failing to receive the guidance and support they need. Knighton added unless many of the at-risk teens receive the right influence, the violent cycle will continue.

"I don't look to the state to do it," said Knighton. "I think parents have to do it, I think local leaders have to do it and I think law enforcement has to step up and do it. Not just arrest kids but make a difference in their lives."

Huggins knows that difference will come too late for her cousin.

"He's going to be remembered. He's going to be remembered. It's crazy," Huggins added.

Police Chief Mike Knaps said nothing from the shooting has been ruled out and his officers are still conducting interviews with witnesses.

"We will continue to work and continue to investigate this until we know we've turned every leaf and hear every word someone has to tell us," said Knaps. "And then, we're going to get all the investigators sitting at the table and out the pieces of the puzzle together and at that time, it will be turned over to the DA and hopefully, we'll get a firm prosecution on it."

The suspect is expected to be in juvenile court Monday morning for a detention hearing.

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