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VIDEO: Man proposes to woman at Charlotte IKEA, spot of first date


A soon-to-be bride got a surprise proposal from her boyfriend at the IKEA store where they had their first date.

Ashley Rawsthorne, of Concord, was brought into the Charlotte store on Saturday morning by her mother.

That's when Bruno Mars' 'Marry You' started playing over the store's sound system. 

Family members of Rawsthorne and her boyfriend, Josh Huffman, began showing up with different home items of the pair, including signs that stated "say yes."

One family member brought over a laptop with a video from Huffman talking about the couple's first date three months ago.  In the video, he quotes a passage from the bible from the book of Deuteronomy.

He then tells Ashley that he has just one more question for her, but feels it should be done in person.

Huffman then walked around the corner, wearing the same outfit and holding the same flowers from the video, and pulls her to the side and asks her to marry him.

Rawsthorne said yes.

Approximately 20 family members took part in the special occasion from the couple and congratulated them after the proposal.

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