Family responds to verdict in negligent homicide of 6-year-old boy

Tyler Myers (Source: Family)
Tyler Myers (Source: Family)

WATSON, LA (WAFB) - The Myers family released a statement on Facebook, finally speaking out in response to the 'not guilty' verdict in the negligent homicide case in the death of a 6-year-old boy.

The man accused in the case was found not guilty Friday afternoon.

The bench trial began in January, then it was recessed until February because a witness was not available, and was recessed again until today so the defense would have time to present its own expert witness on blood alcohol content.

Sheriff's Deputies say 6-year-old Tyler Myers was run over and killed by 33-year-old Brad Welch's vehicle just before 6:30 p.m. on September 24, 2012.

Myers was rushed to a hospital where he later died. It happened in the Lakes at Belle Terre subdivision near Watson, LA.

Deputies say Welch was on his cell phone as he was pulling into the driveway of his home. He told deputies he felt a bump and he got out of his vehicle to find the child lying on the ground behind his car.

The Myers family released the following statement via Facebook:

"It is impossible to be familiar with the facts of this case and come to any other conclusion other than the driver was criminally responsible for the death of our son, Tyler Jacob Myers. This is not a case where the driver "backs" over a child. Tyler was riding his scooter down the sidewalk during the daylight hours coming home from a friends house 2 doors down, with his 10 year old brother and 12 year old friend. Tyler fell on the sidewalk of brad's driveway, which you can see for 5 unobstructed seconds. Brad was going FORWARD, it was daylight. If Brad would have been pulled over at the time he ran over and killed Tyler, he would have been given a DUI. Instead, he killed our 6 year old son, and he walks away with no consequences for his behavior. We have a duty to look out for and protect our children. 

"We have a duty to be our Brothers Keeper, especially our children, who rely on us to protect them and keep them safe. Our beautiful son Tyler didn't do anything wrong. He was doing what 6 year olds do and was relying on adults to protect him and keep him safe. He was told to stay out of the street, did as he was told, coming home with his older brother and friend, and was killed a few feet away from his brother and next door to his home. IT STILL DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENSE THAT THIS COULD HAVE HAPPENED. Had brad have placed our son's safety as high as he placed his desire to drink alcohol and talk on a phone, Tyler would still be alive. 

"This crime unlike most can be duplicated. You can get in a truck, stop at the stop sign, turn from the drivers' side into Brad's driveway and see for yourself if you can see the sidewalk. I have done this numerous times hoping that it would be blind to me so I could understand why he didn't see Tyler, and every time I can see the sidewalk the entire time. 

"I don't understand if you have 5 seconds of unobstructed view of a child on the sidewalk, and your going only 7mph, if you run over and kill the child, admitting to drinking and being over the legal limit,, don't stop when hitting Tylerand continuing on to your parking spot over 40 feet past Tyler, you are found not guilty?

"We would ask that everybody honor Tyler's memory by taking a moment to reflect on our responsibility to the children of our community. Let's make sure we put their safety FIRST, ahead our our busy schedules. They rely on us to keep them safe. They rely on us to behave responsibly because they are too young to truly understand the fragile nature of life."

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