Amite Chief: Woman printed $421,000 of fake money as ‘receipts'

AMITE, LA (WAFB) - There will be no charges filed against a woman who confessed to printing out roughly $421,000 of counterfeit money.

"There are no charges because it's not illegal," Chief Jerry Trabona, Amite Police Department, said. "She never spent the money."

The bizarre case began nearly 2 weeks ago when Daryl Lyn Hill, 63, allegedly shot and killed her brother Alfred Hill, 62.

"We still do not know why Daryl shot her brother," Chief Trabona said.

After the shooting, investigators searched the home located in the 100 block of South Second Street. They were looking for the gun used during the shooting when they discovered $231,000.

"Some of the bills are pale looking, some of them are real good," Chief Trabona said. "They had held one of them up to see if the strip was in it, but it wasn't there. Other than that, everything is the same as real money. It's amazing to me."

During the initial search of the home, investigators noticed three high-quality printers, but did not confiscate them. On Monday, March 24, investigators returned to the home to take then and complete a secondary search.

"We found more money we missed the first time," Chief Trabona said. "We found another $190,000 in a bag."

Chief Trabona called the U.S. Secrete Service to investigate. They then interviewed several people, including Hill, about the fake bills.

"She said worked for the Secret Service after she graduated from Harvard," Chief Trabona said. "She eventually became a school teacher."

Hill is currently retired and she printed copies of her money as her receipts of payment.

"She gets her retirement check, cashes it, and makes copies of the money," Chief Trabona explained. "She never spent a dime of the fake money. She spent the real money, but she never spent the counterfeit money."

Spending the money would be considered criminal, but Chief Trabona explained that printing the money for her personal records is not.

"There's nothing we can charge her with," Chief Trabona said.

However, Hill is currently charged with manslaughter for the death of her brother. She was booked into the parish prison, but has not been transferred to Rosenblum's in Hammond for a mental evaluation.

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