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More Valley school districts putting ads on buses

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As school districts across the Valley are still strapped for cash, they're getting creative with how they raise funds. One solution just might have you doing a double-take on the road. 

We're talking about advertisements on school buses. Many districts in the Valley are already doing this, but get prepared to see plenty more. Mom Michelle Stratton is sensitive about what her kids see,  including what will now be plastered all over their school buses.

"I have a daughter that's in Mesa Public Schools, she's 6, so I would assume they would keep it similar to PBS," Stratton said.

The Mesa Public Schools District is partnering with Alpha Media, which already has its mark in Texas, California, Tennessee, and right here in the Valley. The district gets a 62 percent cut of whatever's made in revenue, or about $100,000 for Mesa after the first year. 

"I would think if it's anything that brings more revenue to the school and it's monitored as far as what's advertised on it, I don't see a problem," Stratton said.

"The businesses we do go after and typically see in all of our districts, dentists, credit unions, banks, colleges, Realtors," said Michael Beauchamp with Alpha Media. He said they won't advertise alcohol, cigarettes, churches, or politics. They already have their mark in Paradise Valley and have gotten calls from nearby districts. But is this too much for our kids in a world already chock-full of ads?

"They target those outside the bus. Most of our advertisers are there to advertise to pedestrians and other drivers, rather than the students on board," Beauchamp said. 

"Any app or anything they're going to play, there's always advertisements that are popped up and I think in today's world, that's life," Stratton said.

We talked to the district on the phone. They said they have a tight grip over what is allowed on the outside of their buses. Right now Alpha Media has access to about 60 of them.

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