Speedy drivers in Capital Heights a major problem

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Spend an average late afternoon in Capital Heights and you're bound to see joggers, bike riders and people just enjoying the neighborhood but many of those living here say there is a major problem.

"The speeding yes, it's the main problem the speeding," said Joy Craig.

Craig walks her dogs in Capital Heights every day but says she and her neighbors are constantly on the lookout for drivers cutting through the neighborhood on Capital Heights Avenue or Claycut Road and doing so well over the speed limit.

"We all get to know each other the bike riders and it's becoming a friendlier neighborhood and our main problem is people not slowing down," added Craig.

WAFB put the speed complaint to the test on Capital Heights Avenue with a 9 News radar gun and in just 15 minutes seven cars were clocked traveling more than five miles per hour over the 30 miles per hour speed limit and three of those cars were traveling more than ten miles per hour over the limit.

Baton Rouge Metro Councilwoman Denise Marcelle filed a complaint with Baton Rouge Police on behalf of the Capital Heights Civic Association and says police did respond with speed indicators and officers with radar equipment but she adds there is only so much that can be done.

"Once you move the traffic sign somewhere else or the police officer somewhere else they can't stay here or in any area so once you move them people get relaxed and say police aren't over there any more so they start back to speed up," said Marcelle.

Baton Rouge police routinely respond to registered speeding complaints but residents in Capital Heights believe a department of public works traffic study will reveal more can be done.

"We're going to get together with our council person and the chief of police and hopefully find something that appeases the crowd and at the same time manages to make the streets a little safer and lets the general public know you can't speed through this neighborhood," said David Johnson, President of the Capital Heights Civic Association.

Johnson adds there are more than 800 homes in the Capital Heights neighborhood.

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