Power of 9: Gwendolyn Hilliard

Power of 9: Gwendolyn Hilliard (March)

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - When 9News looked in on our Power of 9 honoree, she was at a Volunteer Ascension board meeting. During sometimes lively discussion, she flashed smiles that displayed what Donna Britt calls "charming dimples."

Gwendolyn Hilliard says she is someone who's lived her whole life in Ascension Parish. She was born and raised in Gonzales, and then when she was an adult made her big move - to Prairieville. Ascension Parish is home!

Her name is Hilliard, and yes, she's from that same football family who gave us Dalton, Randy Hilliard--retired now from the Denver Broncos and Kenny Hilliard who plays on the LSU team like Dalton once did.

Hilliard right now is helping with the Silent Auction for Volunteer Ascension's big annual fundraiser. 9News watched as Volunteer Ascension board members brought in restaurant gift cards, a beautiful fused glass bird bath, and more.

Gwen was happily sorting through the items when she said, " I volunteer a lot with different organizations. I average maybe, 3,300 a year, hours? And I love helping other people."

Gwen says she keeps children in her home occasionally and it helps her pay the bills. That leaves her with lots of time to volunteer and she does. Gwen also helps the American Red Cross and travels to disaster areas. She says it's fun to get out of town every now and then.

Donna said "hey, most people would say they're too busy for this.."

Gwen answered with a sigh, "Like Mohammed Ali said, Volunteering is the rent we pay here while we're on earth."

Gwen says she is single with a college age son studying animation in Seattle Washington. She says his dream would be to work for an animation house like Disney.

9News things he might draw his mom like this an Energizer Bunny...because she keeps going and going...and going...and going.

Volunteer Ascension's big fundraiser is Thursday April 10th at Parc 73 (on Highway 73) from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Capital One Bank, Volunteer United of United Way, and WAFB are the proud sponsors of the Power of 9 awards.

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