ExxonMobil: There should be no bad gas left in the market

Fuel samples taken from vehicles experiencing problems
Fuel samples taken from vehicles experiencing problems

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - After the suspicion of a bad batch of gas in the Baton Rouge area, and ExxonMobil shutting down a terminal to investigate, the company now says there should be no bad gas left in the market.

ExxonMobil refused an on-camera interview and issued a statement instead saying, "At this time, we believe the issue is limited to two batches of fuel that were shipped in mid-March.  Since mid-March, there have been several other batches of fuel from the Baton Rouge terminal that have entered the market that flushed the pumps of the fuel in question from service stations."

The Dept. of Agriculture & Forestry oversees and regulates gas stations in the state.  Commissioner Mike Strain said in a news conference late Thursday afternoon 120,000 barrels of fuel were in the two batches between March 12 and March 15, 2014.  He also said that only unleaded fuel was affected.

Strain reports that there have been 24 official complaints in the last two days through their office, but he heard from various dealers that at least 100 cars were affected.  The official complaints came from Lafayette and Baton Rouge areas.

"I've asked Exxon for answers.  I want to know what the chemical is so that we can, through our different analytical labs, test for it as well, because it is our job to ensure the public that what they are buying is a safe product and is the right product for the consumer.  That's our job, and that's why we're out there testing and are going to continue to test, so we can make sure that the gasoline that you're buying is the gasoline that's good for your car," said Strain.

WAFB asked ExxonMobil for how many gas stations and a list of the gas stations that allegedly sold the bad fuel.  They refused to answer and referred us to their statement. 

"We stand by our products and we are 100 percent committed to working with our customers and motorists to honor valid claims.  We encourage motorists that have questions or concerns regarding fuel they may have purchased in the Baton Rouge area should contact ExxonMobil North America Customer Care at: 855-300-2659. We are committed to working with our branded stations and wholesale fuel customers to ensure continued supply of quality fuel for motorists.  We are working in close cooperation and communication with regulatory and local officials.  We are taking this matter seriously and are investigating the issue to determine cause.  We are committed to producing gasoline that meets the high quality standards that ExxonMobil applies from manufacture through distribution," said ExxonMobil's spokesperson Todd Spitler. 

If you have questions or concerns regarding the fuel you may have purchased in the Baton Rouge area, call 855-300-2659, the gas station you bought the fuel from and your insurance company.

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