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Sports attorney speaks about unionization of college athletes


SportsAttorney Don Jackson says when it comes to division one, big conference collegeathletes in multi-million dollar revenue-generating sports like football andbasketball only makes sense for them to get a piece of the pie.

"Thiswhole concept of a scholarship being enough, that's something that may haveapplied in the 1950s, before you had increased professionalism of collegesports it doesn't fit anymore. This particularly decision today was verynarrow, very limited, but generally speaking I am in favor of players being compensated.I always have been," Jackson said.

Jackson says seeing players asemployees sets the wheel in motion of future drastic changes including improvedmedical coverage for athletes, athletes being allowed to accept endorsementsand possibly getting paid.

There'salready an appeal to this decision and Jackson says he seriously doubts a courtwill rule that college football players are employees of colleges anduniversities.

Jacksonsays this has been an ongoing effort for years and there is still a long road ahead.    

"There won't even be a vote on unionization until after thisappeal occurs and even if the appeal goes in the favor of the players, it willultimately wind up in federal court and maybe even the U.S. Supreme Court,"Jackson said.

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