CATS getting ready for new route system, other changes

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Major changes are underway at the Capital Area Transit System (CATS) as it gets ready to rollout a new route system at the end of the month.

On March 30, CATS buses will be operating on a new system that uses five transit hubs to improve efficiency and shorten ride time for most riders. Riders will no longer have to travel to the terminal at 22nd Street to get to most destinations.

"We have 20 routes now, and are changing nearly every route. We are adding 10 new routes as well," says CEO Bob Mirabito. "We encourage all bus riders, all companies whose employees ride the bus, and all organizations which provide any services to riders to learn more about the new system now so that they can plan ahead."

The new routes include an airport express shuttle from downtown and an O'Neal Park-n-Ride express, both of which are piloting wi-fi availability for rider use.

The CATS Trax mobile app is also scheduled to go live on March 30. The new schedules and routes have been updated, and the app has been updated to provide more information to the rider.

Meanwhile construction will begin in April on the installation of new bus shelters. Cats is moving forward with placing new shelters throughout the city. CATS has also placed 300 new bus stop signs on the new routes.

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