Contact 9: City-Parish orders apartment complex to clean up

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Some homeowners in a well-established Baton Rouge subdivision claim some tenants at nearby apartment complex are trashing their yards.

They have complained to city leaders and apartment managers, but they said the junk keeps piling up.

It is a nasty problem lurking just beyond the fence line at the Spires of Sherwood Apartment Complex off Old Hammond Highway.

"I've been watching it and seeing it and thinking oh my goodness," Rick Kelly said.

From a distance it looks like a line of litter. But when you get closer you'll notice what has become a mountain of plastic bottles, soda cans, and egg cartons building around the property.

"Obviously it's piling up two feet deep now. It's been this way for many, many months," Kenny Williams said.

Rick Kelly and Kenny Williams live in the Sherwood Forest subdivision, not far from the apartment complex. They said in the last six months the mess has become more than just an eyesore. It has also become a health concern.

"It's out on the road. It's on the sidewalks. I see kids playing in this parking lot. There's got to be rats, snakes and everything else," Williams said.

Williams said the tenants at Spires are responsible for the garbage.

"I noticed the people are throwing the trash over the fence instead of going to the dumpster," Williams said.

Both men said they filed complaints with the EBR City-Parish Department of Public Works but they said the headache has only gotten worse.

"There are some other problems in the city, not this bad though that I've seen. This tops the cake," Williams said.

9News took their concerns to apartment complex managers but they declined comment.

While 9News was on the property, a DPW truck pulled up next to the littered lot. However, the employee drove away after he saw our cameras.

Although, nearby homeowners want the garbage gone they do not believe it should be done on the tax payer's dime.

"It's not a city problem. It's an apartment complex problem. The city shouldn't have to pay for these people's trash pickup," Williams said.

A spokesperson for the DPW said management at the apartment complex has agreed to remove the trash.

The city plans to revisit the issue in two weeks.

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