Four people running for Port Allen mayor

PORT ALLEN, LA (WAFB) - On April 5, 2014, many eyes will be on Port Allen as people elect a new mayor. Four people are running for the seat ex-mayor Deedy Slaughter was recalled from last year.

Richard Lee III, Kirby Anderson, Larry Bell and the reason residents are having to elect a new mayor, recalled mayor Deedy Slaughter.

Lee retired from the Baton Rouge Police Department after 32 years. He is married with five children.

Anderson is a retired school teacher having spent nearly 30 years at Port Allen High. He's married with two children.

Bell is a business owner and has three children.

So why are these three Democrats running for mayor?

"Because everything appeared to be negative and they needed someone to step forward to bring some positive back to the city," said Lee.

"I'm running on that mainly we building a greater Port Allen.  We want to build a greater Port Allen," said Anderson.

"I have the character and the presence to get along with council.  That's important to be able to come in and work with people," said Bell.

The three candidates agree that Port Allen needs to move forward.  We asked all three what's the one thing Port Allen needs now more than ever.

"You got to give and take.  If you don't give and take, and have a closed mind to what's going, you got to sit down and come to an agreement," said Anderson.

"Just some unity.  If we can start there, I feel everything else can fall in place for the most part," said Bell.

"It's getting everybody to work together in a collaborative effort to reach a common goal on any issue that may arise in the city," said Lee.

The three said they want to bring some positive to Port Allen, which made us question Bell about his March 5th arrest for a felony cruelty to animals charge.  Bell is accused of neglecting a horse. 

"I was arrested for missing a court date and it had nothing to do with animal control or should I say animal cruelty.  That's another issue.  That particular issue is in the courts.  That will be addressed so for the most part, I'm still an innocent man," said Bell.

Early voting runs through March 29 for the April 5 election.

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