Free film industry workforce training comes to BR

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Anyone who was ever curious about film production had a chance to have some free classes sponsored by the city, according to the mayor's office in Baton Rouge.

The March Production Assistant Training classes are held on March 22-23  and will last for a 2-day session throughout the weekend.  Training was open to 30 participants and held at the Celtic Media Centre. Those who were interested emailed resumes and cover letters in hopes to be selected through an application process.

Any resident is welcomed to apply for the program.

The Baton Rouge Film Commission, the New Orleans Video Access Center (NOVAC), and Mayor "Kip" Holden's office have teamed up to provide classes aimed at teaching attendees what they need to know in order to work in the film industry. The training instructors are from Quixote Studios' renowned film-industry training academy, P.A. Bootcamp. Professionals range from executivie and line producers to First and Second Directors.

"For years NOVAC has and continues to offer Production Assistant Training and job placement in New Orleans because it is the entry point for many wishing to begin careers in the film industry," says NOVAC Director of Programs, Ashley Charbonnet. "Growing the workforce from the ground up is one of the ways that that we will continue to cultivate a local film industry that is a sustainable part of our cultural economy."

The PA Boot Camp training is the launch of a string of film industry trainings which NOVAC will be bringing to Baton Rouge in 2014 to increase job opportunities in the film across the state. Additional trainings are expected to become available in other film industry trades, including production accounting, grip and electric, and more which will be announced in the upcoming months.

"For 7 years, NOVAC has been providing leading-edge film industry training to residents of the Greater New Orleans area, and we are looking forward to NOVAC adding "BROVAC" to its programmatic offerings," said NOVAC Executive Director Darcy McKinnon.

"Today, they're learning about basic on set vocabulary and etiquette, what's going on," said Executive Director of NOVAC Darcy McKinnon.  "They're learning all the departments on a feature film set, they're going to be learning how to use walkie-talkies, pop-up tents, and how to have the "with it-ness" and readiness for on-set life."

For more information about the training, visit or call (504) 940-5780. You can also send your resumes and cover letters to .

This set of classes wraps up Sunday, March 23rd, but film officials told WAFB  there will be more like them in the future.

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