Hosanna's High School Closing

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Hosanna Christian Academy head master Josh LeSage is heartbroken as he struggled to tell students and parents, that next school year there will no longer be a high school for students to attend. LeSage said it was a difficult decision, but it says it was in the students' best interest.

"With less than 100 students in high school our economy of scale does not allow us to offer our students what we feel that they need in a way of exotic electives and extracurricular activities," said LeSage.

Meaning, students will have to find another school. LeSage said they don't have enough resources or the man power to have trade skill courses like auto shop or hair styling, for students who want to do something other than go to college.

Tirany Howard has five children that attend Hosanna. One of them is currently in the 9th grade. She said she appreciates what their school is doing. 

"They've analyzed the situation. They've looked at it for what it is, and they are saying right now we don't think this is best for our children. And we want you to have the ability to get what you need and i respect that," said Howard.

LeSage said graduating seniors will finish the year strong, and he has found new jobs so far, for most of the high school teachers who will be looking for new classrooms. He added that sometimes a hard decision right now, is a better one for the future.

"I've got to answer to God one day; for how I treat every single child I come across. And so I've just got to do what's right. And this does hurt since this is my Alma matter, but it is just the best thing to do for these kids," said LeSage.

Next Thursday a mixture of private and public schools will be recruiting students.

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